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100% Customized: Create Your Own Custom USB Flash Drives

animal shape ball shape Vehicle shape usb drive people shape Food Shape Shoe Shape Rose Shape  Bottle Shape

We can create a 100% custom USB flash drive design for you at a affordable cost. You think it and we’ll make it.

Here at DJW, We have a group of smart, creative and enthusiastic designers, who are capable of providing you with the most fabulous 3D designs. With our talented ideas and excellent skills, we are able to turn your idea into a practical CUSTOM USB solution. Your imagination is the only limit.


Simply tell us your ideas or send us a sketch, a few reference pictures or simply a rough drawing, and let’s start from here. No matter how complicated, we’ll make it happen for you. We’ll create a 3D rendering for your approval, and we will go ahead with set-up and tooling of metal, rubber and plastic molds. Have a cool idea but are not sure where to start? Describe it to us and we’ll make some suggestions. Our team of creative designers and engineers are here to work with and guide you every step of the way. Contact us now for more details at sales@djwcorporate.com.au, or call us at +02 8090 2898.

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