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Innovative Printed Media Brochure Webkey as A USB Device or Promotional Webkey

Innovative printed media brochure webkey

What is a Brochure Webkey?

A brochure webkey is also called paper USB webkey, pamphlet webkey,  flyer webkey or giveaway USB webkey. It’s a little bit different from a regular USB flash drive.  While USB webkeys look very much like a USB flash drive, they have no memory to store date but rather are programmed with URL information. Webkey is a great but very inexpensive USB device that immediately opens up a specific web page (regardless of how buried the page is in the website) when plugged in to a computer. Brochure webkeys may be the most innovative product in years. They are the perfect bridge between paper and digital media. It combines a traditional paper brochure of your company and a USB device that pops up a webpage link when plugged into a computer.

USB webkey is a perfect marketing tool to publicize your websites or a specific web page and makes them easy to attract customers or potential customers. It is a great promotional item to give away at shows or exhibitions, as part of promoting company’s website and products for a specific advertising or marketing.

Advantages of  Using a Webkey

  1. New marketing tool for internet business;
  2. Directly reach your customers;
  3. Unique way to drive web site traffic;
  4. Low cost and easy to operate, just plug and you are there;
  5. Combination of traditional brochure and digital media;
  6. Whatever size of the brochure can be made;
  7. Whatever shape of design can be customized;
  8. Whatever logos, images and contents can be printed on the brochure.

Some Webkey Photos:

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the webkeys.

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